Network Solutions

In today's connected world it is very common to have more then one computer and another devices like gaming console or internet phones in your network. There is also a need to connect all of these computers and devices so you are able to share files, data, applications, music, video and internet connections. On a network, each computer has access to the equipment of all machines in the group as if that equipment were their own.

Our certified technicians are familiar with the cutting edge in networking. We are constantly in training to keep up with the latest hardware coming out in this rapidly advancing market without losing your connection.

Network Solutions also came under criticism because although they refused to host website, they had provided registration services for the domain. Due to heavy media coverage, many people were aware of the film's existence and the controversy surrounding its domain name. Some were outraged by the actions of Network Solutions in dealing with one of its customers. Freedom of speech protestors created videos commenting on the situation, and some uploaded film to social networking sites such as YouTube shortly after its release. Protestors for both sides created their own blogs and video statements on the matter.