Interactive Teaching

Integral's interactive classroom solutions bring learning to life for teachers and students at any level, all over the world. Forever-warranted and environmentally certified, Integral's interactive whiteboards and slates in your school promise years of inspired and engaging learning & teaching moments—all while fostering a cleaner and safer environment.

Integral's interactive whiteboards provide best-in-class solutions for teachers and students, whether they prefer ceramic steel (hard surface) boards or touch-sensitive.

The Interactive Whiteboard is an integrated solution, combining State-Of-The-Art hardware with leading edge software, creating a powerful interactive teaching tool. The Interactive Whiteboard brings ideas, lessons & resources to life! You are able to write and draw over projected images, annotate in color, cut & paste images, highlight and capture it all for future use or electronic distribution.

The Interactive Whiteboard is a fantastically robust digital whiteboard made for Pupils, Educators, Teachers and Trainers.

When connected to a computer and a data projector, the Interactive Whiteboard becomes a large interactive learning tool which will embed ICT across the whole curriculum. Lessons will become interactive & entertaining and students will become engaged and concentration spans will increase.

Key Features

Easy To Use

Simply touch the Interactive Whiteboard with the Interactive pen and run all computer functions, such as running digital video clips, opening files, or downloading free content from the Internet from the front of the class so there is no need to return to your computer and lose the student's attention.