Cloud Solution

Integral's Cloud Solutions improve reliability, agility and IT efficiency while helping IT drive innovation. Integral Computers Pvt Ltd provides everything IT needs to operate, staff, build and manage your cloud...Read More

System Integration

System integration is all about delivery support & providing advice on complex technology programmes. Integral System Integration specialists structure, assure & manage delivery on major programmes....Read More

Managed It Services

ntegral's Managed IT Services offers remote and on-site network support services that help your company support a maintained, growth-friendly IT environment. Today's CEOs / CIOs have the challenge...Read More

Interactive Teaching

Integral's interactive classroom solutions bring learning to life for teachers and students at any level, all over the world. Forever-warranted and environmentally certified, Integral's interactive whiteboards...Read More

Network Solutions

In today's connected world it is very common to have more then one computer and another devices like gaming console or internet phones in your network. There is also a need to connect all of these computers and devices...Read More

Secure Evidencing Solution

Data is exploding everywhere, increasing opportunities for security breaches of sensitive information. Lower costs of electronics are making it possible to make and deploy a variety of sensors and detection devices...Read More