Cloud Solutions

Integral's Cloud Solutions improve reliability, agility and IT efficiency while helping IT drive innovation. Integral Computers Pvt Ltd provides everything IT needs to operate, staff, build and manage your cloud, while quantifying its impact at every point.

We help customers to evolve operational processes, organizational models, technical foundations and financial measures to establish both cloud operations model & a cloud infrastructure that delivers the greatest benefit from cloud computing.

We transform IT into a source of innovation.

We provide cloud solutions, which maximize the potential of cloud computing to fuel business growth by delivering new IT services. We can analyze your personnel data for you and provide you with interesting insights & understandable reports.

   "Integral Computers Pvt Ltd make sense of your Data."

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

We provide dexterous and dynamic cloud networking enables enterprises to tap into IT infrastructure resources on demand, while ensuring the highest levels of reliability & efficiency at more economical costs, which turn IT into a business differentiator.

Integral's enterprise cloud solutions :

  • Accelerate business growth & evolution.
  • Enhance working performance.
  • Relieve constrained IT budgets.
Service Provider Cloud Solutions

Attract more enterprises and enterprise IT investment into the cloud -

Integral Computers Pvt Ltd provides cloud services more cost-effective & attractive by improving user-experienced application performance, application resiliency and data center and network resource efficiency.Integral's service provider cloud solutions :

  • Provide high-performance, application-driven, dynamic connectivity—where and when it's needed.
  • Control cost of the inter-data center network & performance.
  • Align cloud services with enterprise IT requirements.

Key Points :
  • Reduce IT storage management costs by up to 66%.
  • Accelerate time to market by up to 75%.
  • Reduce & Automate resource provisioning from weeks to minutes.
  • Scale to adapt service growth of up to 50%.

Internally, we call this core philosophy the "Integral Difference." We invite you to join thousands of other satisfied customers today in experiencing the "Integral Difference."

We're prepared to become more than just another one of your suppliers, but more importantly, a trusted business partner!